Anything great in life takes time, and hard work. To be the best, takes time and hard work. To be skilled, takes time and hard work. To be well educated, takes time and hard work. To be successful, takes time and hard work.

Your elite athlete applying for a sports scholarship is no exception. It takes time and hard work. Sure, they are great, they wouldn’t be elite otherwise. Sure, they are skilled, they have worked hard at it. And sure, they are well educated or college on a scholarship would not be an option.

Now, your athlete needs to put all of these things together, in what will possibly be the hardest application that they will come across in quite some time. They need to be the best, be skilled, be educated, and work hard, to be successful.

Prepare your athlete early!! Help them to give themselves this opportunity at success. The earlier you begin the application process, prioritise requirements, and start building their presence, the much higher chance they have at success.

Let us show you at PEAinternational, how to help your athlete to prepare early, work hard, and succeed at entering college on a you beaut sports scholarship. Join our group today to take advantage of our free training, resources, PDFs, and much more. Find us at:


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What do you find the most challenging part of securing sports scholarships and maximising opportunity from year 9 for your athlete?

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