Building Your Athletes Sports Portfolio:

Building Your Athletes Sports Portfolio:

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you, and your elite athlete, did everything right to produce the most visually pleasing sports portfolio that captures the eye of coaches, and leads your athlete to the scheduled visits at their most desired college?

It is absolutely possible to achieve this by using the right tools and strategies to create visual brilliance. It can be the most rewarding and fun element of the whole process, if you follow my guidelines, you take the time and put in the hard work. Brilliance does not happen without action. I can show you how to build a visually pleasing, and professional portfolio that will stand out above the thousands of other applicants.

There are many things you can include in the portfolio that can boost it in it’s entirety. Some elements you MUST include are:

– A sports clip of your athlete in action at training, and game days, will give the coach a good indication of their form. Update and add to this every year.

– Letters of recommendation from your athletes coaches and teachers.

– Any achievements that have been accomplished to date, including news clippings, awards, community activities, sports camps etc.

– Any and all academic achievements, along with SAT and/or ACT scores, and desired major at college. It is not enough to be just good at sports, your athlete must excel academically to be eligible for consideration.

– Contact information for your athlete including phone numbers, address, and emails. You should also include contact details of their coaches and teachers. Your athlete must be contactable at all reasonable times.

These are some of the requirements of a sports resume/portfolio. Stay tuned, next we will look at all the fun extras you can add to these requirements that will have coaches picking your athletes portfolio out of the rest in the first instance.

What do you find the most challenging part of securing sports scholarships and maximising opportunity from year 9 for your athlete?

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