Fun Easter sporting events: – In Peterle

Fun Easter sporting events:

– In Peterlee, the world ‘Egg Jarping’ event is held. Players choose a boiled egg each, then they tap them against each other until one breaks. The one who’s egg cracks, loses.

– The world ‘Marbles’ championships are held in Tinsley Green.

– The National Harbour World Peeps Eating championship is held at Maryland. The chick shaped marshmallows are an Easter candy enjoyed widely by Americans. The world Peeps eating record is held by Matt Stonie of San Jose, CA. He ate 200 peeps in 5 minutes

– Good Friday in Workington, they play the medieval football game of Upies and Downies, a very physical game that was played for over 200 years and met controversy in 2016. Traditionally the game was held to raise money for local charities.

Just a bit of Easter sporting fun fact. Happy Easter everyone!

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