Special Guest, William Tuffley, Associate Director, Business Services at BDO in Australia

William specialises in supporting professional athletes to secure their financial welfare during and beyond their sporting careers. 

William has been in and around sport all his life and as a former semiprofessional and first-grade rugby player and cricketer, has seen first-hand the financial difficulties professional athletes can face. 

Given career lengths differ and are often unknown, William works with athletes to maximise their earning capacity during their career and develop financial solutions for post-career security. This allows athletes to focus on their sport with confidence around their financial future, making their ‘life after sport’ transition significantly easier. He also assists athletes who are moving overseas with non-residency issues and international tax advice, as well as advising on passive income-earning investment structures. 

Additionally, William assists small to medium businesses with everyday accounting, tax and business advice, including agribusiness clients. 

If you are an athlete or business looking for accounting and business support, get in touch with me at william.tuffley@bdo.com.au

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What do you find the most challenging part of securing sports scholarships and maximising opportunity from year 9 for your athlete?

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