🏆 I Won’t Get Your Kid Recruited…I’ll Help YOU Get Your Kid Recruited 🏆

👉 Why throw countless amounts of money at recruiting agents and other services to get your athlete recruited when there is no personalisation, accountability, support, tools and resources available at your fingertips?

👉 If you want to be your athlete’s biggest supporter, running beside them and handing them the water bottle when they need it, you DON’T want a recruiting agent.

👉 The best person to get your kid recruited…is you!

👉 You know your athlete better than anyone, and you want to see them succeed more than anyone else on the planet.

👉 You want them to build skills that will see them through life, and you want them to have all the tips, tools, resources, and support they could possibly gather.

👉 A recruiting agent won’t help you do that!

👉 Want to know how to recruit your kid without wasting valuable time and countless money?

👉 I invite you to come and start 2021 with a bang by attending our first masterclass of the year.

👉 Recruit Your Kid: The Competitor’s Edge Masterclass will kick off on the 4th of January 2021 @ 10 AM AEST (Brisbane time), and we would love to see you there.

👉 Brooke is giving away an early-bird bonus to all those who register before the new year, valued at $2000. She’s gone mad!

👉 Register today and claim your early-bird bonus by visiting the link below or the link in my bio.


What do you find the most challenging part of securing sports scholarships and maximising opportunity from year 9 for your athlete?

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