Here’s what one of our valued clients had to say!

🔺 Here’s what one of our valued clients had to say!

🔺 Brooke is incredibly organized and detail-oriented. In what can be a very stressful and uncertain time, she provides a sense of calmness and assurance. It is unbelievably helpful to have someone knowledgeable to guide us through this process. It makes us all feel much more secure and we are grateful!! ~ Rav Daga

🔺 Brooke is an amazing, genuine and humble human with a vision of success for not only herself but also for others around her!
Brooke has been an integral part of our ladies 8 ball team for a number of years and this year will have the incredibly important role of Ladies Team Manager. I cannot wait to work alongside Brooke within this team and see her amazing success strategies put to use to complete our team! I would recommend Brooke, with her vast knowledge to be on anyone’s side throughout their sporting journey to success! – Leonie McCulloch

What do you find the most challenging part of securing sports scholarships and maximising opportunity from year 9 for your athlete?

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