Don’t let stress, overwhelm, and panic get the better of you and your star athlete!! We are here to take all of that away and put in all the serious legwork required to secure that sports scholarship, fair and square, saving you thousands in college fees, and giving your elite athlete the best possible start to their sporting career.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about applying for a sports scholarship. It can be very time consuming, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. The student athlete must work extremely hard on keeping their grades at a high level, and the thought of having to also keep training hard, perform in competitions, take the required tests for the application, seek out coaches, create a presence, promote and brand, develop resumes and portfolios, and keep healthy, is well, very daunting. The sooner you begin all of this, the greater chance you have at a successful application.

We are here to make this process 100x easier for you, and your elite athlete. Your child can focus on their grades and training, and we will take care of the rest. We will work with you and your athlete together to create a successful application.

I recommend our 4 year program, which has a renewal each 12 months. If you decide our job is done, you won’t need to renew. You can however, renew each 12 months until your athlete begins college.

Our programs include, how to maintain a healthy balance between sleep, school, and sport; completion of application requirements including personalised emails and letters of intent and recommendation etc; the building of a professional and visually pleasing sports portfolio and resume; creating exposure via social media; guidance on how to approach coaches; and much much more.

Here, at PEAinternational, we treat your athlete like the star they are, like a human being, and not just a number. We take them in and nurture them as they grow. Your athlete matters! They have the heart of our team, the very moment you sign up. We provide accessibility, and accountability, with a weekly Q & A session, daily resources, and twice monthly accountability calls.

Join today through our link below, and one of our team members will contact you with all of the details. We hope to see you there, because your star athlete, is worth it.